Telus joins Rogers in offering some customers 10GB of bonus data

Unlike Rogers, the Telus bonus data expires after eight years

Rogers isn’t the only major carrier offering extra data to customers. Some Telus customers also received an offer of 10GB of extra data that’s set to expire after eight years.

The Telus offer was detailed in a RedFlagDeals post responding to a similar 10GB offer from Rogers last week. Spotted by iPhone in Canada, the RFD post from ‘247DealSeeker’ notes that they received a 10GB bonus data from Telus on their non-EPP plan. The post also includes two screenshots with more details.

The Telus 10GB bonus data offer | Image credit: 247DealSeeker

The first screenshot is of a text message from Telus, which says that it “added a complimentary 10GB/mo of high speed data to your account at no extra cost” as a “gift” for being a customer. The message goes on to explain that the customer doesn’t need to do anything, and the bonus data will be added to the account “as long as you keep your current rate plan.”

Of course, that second part isn’t entirely true, at least based on the second screenshot of a Telus FAQ page about the complimentary data, which says:

“The complimentary data will already be reflected on your account and will be valid as long as you keep your current rate plan, including during a device upgrade. After logging into your My TELUS account, you will see the complimentary data under Transaction History, with an expiry date of 8 years.” (Emphasis ours)

The Telus offer differs from Rogers’ version in a couple significant ways — first, it requires no action from the customer to activate. More importantly, the Telus offer lasts much longer than the Rogers one, which is set to expire after 24 months.

Unfortunately with deals like this, your mileage may vary. Telus customers should definitely keep an eye out for a message from the carrier about the extra data, but if you don’t get the message you might just be out of luck.

Source: RFD Via: iPhone in Canada