Telus increases Stream+ bundle cost by $3 for ‘some’ customers

Telus says the increase is the result of a price change with one of the services bundled with Stream+

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Telus will increase the cost of its Stream+ bundle by $3 starting in March.

In a statement to MobileSyrup, Telus confirmed the increase:

“Some Stream+ customers are being notified of a $3 increase to their bills beginning in March as a result of a price change to one of the streaming services included in the Stream+ bundle. This increase does not apply to customers receiving select promotional offers and only those notified will be impacted. The Stream+ bundle still offers the best combined rates for access to the leading premium streaming services.”

Telus also reiterated to MobileSyrup that it’s the “only provider in Canada” that bundles premium streaming services with mobility plans. The carrier said it “remain[s] committed to offering flexible payment terms to any customers who are experiencing financial hardship, and will continue to support them on a case-by-case basis.”

The price increase comes with unfortunate timing — it coincided with Netflix’s change to how it handles password sharing. Last week, MobileSyrup reported that Stream+ wouldn’t allow customers to add extra members as part of Netflix’s new password-sharing crackdown. Several readers took to the comments mentioning the Stream+ price increase, but it’s worth noting that the increase likely isn’t connected to Netflix.

Telus said that the Stream+ increase was because of a “price change to one of the streaming services” it includes in the Stream+ bundle. Though the carrier didn’t specify which, the obvious culprit is actually Apple TV+, which went from $5.99/mo to $8.99/mo in October 2022. That’s the only streaming service offered in the Stream+ bundle that has seen a price change since Telus launched the bundle in April 2022 — Netflix Premium still costs $20.99/mo (excluding the new account sharing costs), and Discovery+ costs $4.99/mo.

Moreover, the new Apple TV+ price is reflected on the Telus Stream+ website, though the $3 price increase is not yet.

You can learn more about Stream+ here.