Mystery Pixel smartphone spotted in FCC listing

It's unclear if this listing is related to the Pixel 7a or the Pixel Fold

A new Google handset has appeared in an FCC listing, but it’s unclear what device it is.

The dreamer in me would like to believe it’s the rumoured Pixel Fold, although it could also be the Pixel 7a, given both smartphones are rumoured to launch in the coming months, and the later device was spotted in a leaked hands-on back in January.

The new listings, ‘G0DZQ,’ ‘GHL1X’ and ‘GWKK3,’ all reference another model number, ‘G82U8.’ These four model numbers describe the same phone, but it’s unclear why.

The phone is expected to feature a ‘Smooth Display,’ a refresh rate that can adjust from 60Hz to 90Hz. This model could be the Pixel Fold, but it’s unclear when the phone is scheduled to release. One leak indicates the device will launch in May alongside the Pixel 7a, whereas another states Google will launch the Pixel Fold in Q3 2023.

Google will likely hold its next I/O conference in May.

Via: 9to5Google