Samsung S23 series preorders squash S22 sales numbers in multiple markets

Samsung has yet to reveal sale numbers for the flagship series in Canada and the U.S

Samsung’s latest S series flagship devices are reportedly selling really well, as indicated by the company’s pre-order sales figures.

The data, which was compiled by Android Police, shows that the S23 series is selling better than its predecessor in markets like Taiwan, India, South Korea, France, and in some Latin American countries.

In Taiwan, Samsung has sold roughly 10 percent more S23 series devices during the preorder period when compared to the S22 series. Growth was even stronger in India with double the preorders compared to last year.

In Samsung’s home country of South Korea, preorder promotions for the S23 series were available for seven days post-launch. During that time, Samsung sold 1.09 million units of the S23 series, compared to 1.01 million units of the S22 series devices last year. A further breakdown revealed that the S23 Ultra accounted for 60 percent of the sale volume, while the S23 made up 23 percent of S23 series devices sold. The S23 Plus took up 17 percent of the sale volume.

In Europe, only France’s data is available at the moment. According to Samsung, it sold almost double the devices than last year during the preorder period from February 1st to February 16th.

Similarly, S23 preorders were 50 percent higher than last year in Latin America, with a large part of the sales coming from Brazil. “Sales were tracked from February 1 to February 13, and during this period, the S23 Ultra accounted for 59% of preorders in the region,” wrote Android Police.

Samsung has yet to reveal sale numbers for the flagship series in Canada and the U.S., though if other countries are an indication, the S23 series is likely to have outsold the S22 series during the preorder period here as well.

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Source: Android Police