Access Communications’ gigabit internet now available to more Saskatchewan communities

Biggar, Delisle, and Grenfell are part of the 25 communities that can now access the service

Dozens of communities across Saskatchewan can now access gigabit internet from Access Communications Co-operative.

AccessHyperSpeed 1Gig internet is available in 25 communities, including Biggar, Delisle, and Grenfell.

“For many of these communities, the fastest service currently available from other providers is 50 Mbps, the minimum recommended by the CRTC,” company CEO Carmela Haines said. “Our gigabit service, in contrast, is the fastest we offer anywhere in the province. These launches will represent a technological leap for the underserved parts of our province.”

The expansion means the company offers gigabit internet to 43 communities in Saskatchewan. More than 100 communities also have access to download speeds of at least 450 Mbps.

Image credit: Access Communications

Source: Access Communications