French Canadian now available as an interface language in Android Reddit app

The update also brings Dutch and Swedish to the Reddit Android app

Reddit logo on a phone

Reddit’s March update is out now, and it brings French Canadian as a language for the Android app interface.

In a recent blog post, the platform announced that those with French Canadian as their phone’s default language selection would see the Reddit interface in French Canadian. Users on the updated Android app will be able to change their language preferences in the app’s settings if they prefer to revert to English.

In addition to French Canadian, the update also brings Dutch and Swedish to the Reddit Android app. “We’ll be rounding out coverage for these languages to iOS, web, and more throughout 2023,” wrote Reddit. 

Apart from new languages for the Android app interface, the update also brings the ability to “Search Within Post Comments.”

The feature allows you to search for a specific keyword within the thread’s comments without having to press Ctrl+F or Cmd+F on your keyboard. Once typed out, all instances of the specific keyword would be highlighted.

Further, iOS Reddit users would now see their Vault (digital wallet) has been moved to the side drawer. To view your Collectible Avatars, access your public Vault address and recovery phrase, change your Vault password, sign out of your Vault, and switch Vaults, you’ll have to navigate to the side drawer now.

Other updates include changes to the Reddit chat and Mobile Crowd Control options.

Source: Reddit