New Motorola Razr foldable to launch ‘very soon’

The second-gen Razr wasn't released in Canada, and we're uncertain if Motorola and Lenovo have plans to launch this upcoming foldable here

A new version of Motorola’s iconic foldable Razr is on the way.

According to a CNBC News, Lenovo (which owns Motorola) is looking to release the next version of the device “very soon.”

The iconic Razr, which Motorola first launched in 2004, became one of the most popular flip phones of the 2000s. The 2020 foldable remake of the device was overall well received. According to Lenovo CEO Yuanqing Yang at the MWC event in Barcelona, Spain, reception for the Razr has been “good” and users can expect the next version of the foldable phone “very soon.” He added that the new device would see improvements in the hinge and the “applications” on the device.

“I think it’s much better,” Yang said about the yet-to-release device, likely compared to its predecessor.

Yang then moved on to pricing. While he did not say how much the upcoming device will cost, he did indicate that it might be expensive. He said that current foldable devices are priced quite high, but they will likely reduce in the future.

“When the technology becomes mature, then the price could go down then you can drive higher volume,” he said. Cheaper pricing in the future would serve to boost the foldable market further. For now, foldable devices account for only 1.1 percent of total smartphone shipments in 2022, according to research firm IDC, and are only expected to increase to 2.8 percent in 2026.

The second-gen Razr wasn’t released in Canada, and we’re uncertain if Motorola and Lenovo have plans to launch the upcoming foldable here.


Source: CNBC News