Tesla Model Y refresh to go into production in 2024

The updated model Y is being referred to as 'Juniper'

Tesla is reportedly planning a refresh of its popular Model Y, code-named “Juniper,” according to sources familiar with the matter.

The update is said to involve changes to both the exterior and interior of the vehicle, with production scheduled to begin in October 2024, as shared by Reuters, via TeslaNorth.

The report also states that Tesla has requested quotes from multiple suppliers for the new Model Y Juniper. The planned refresh comes as Tesla prepares to launch its Model 3 Highland refresh, which will simplify the interior and exterior builds of the car. It is not entirely certain whether the Model Y Juniper will follow the same simplified design direction as the Model 3 Highland.

Tesla North says that the Model 3 Highland will be manufactured at Tesla’s Shanghai Gigafactory, as soon as November.

Overall, the Model Y Juniper refresh is an exciting development for Tesla. With production scheduled to begin in 2024, there’s still a lot of time to speculate about what new features and improvements the updated vehicle will bring.

Source: Reuters Via: Tesla North