Bing Chat now lets you select if it responds creatively or precisely

By default, Bing Chat offers a balanced blend of response styles.

Bing Chat on iOS and Android.

Microsoft’s Bing Chat will now let users pick a tone for the chatbot’s responses.

The ChatGPT-powered Bing gives users three ‘conversation style’ options: precise, balanced, or creative. The precise style should favour accuracy and relevancy, and produce factual and concise answers, whereas the creative style will allow more “imaginative” responses.

Balanced, of course, tries to strike a balance between the two. It’s also Bing Chat’s new default tone.

Microsoft hopes that the changes will help counter some of Bing’s unhinged outbursts. Last month, several reports emerged about Bing Chat saying all kinds of weird, strange, and vaguely ominous stuff. The company introduced several changes and restrictions in an effort to cut down on Bing’s unhinged responses.

Along with the tone changes, The Verge notes that Microsoft rolled out a new update to Bing Chat that fixed some issues where the chatbot would be unresponsive or refuse to answer some questions. These cases should happen less often now.

These changes come as Microsoft pushes ahead with integrating Bing Chat into its various products. Most recently, Microsoft added the chatbot to the taskbar in Windows 11, giving Windows users quick access to the chatbot. Bing Chat also recently expanded to the Edge mobile browser and Skype.

Source: The Verge