Passkeys are coming to Dashlane with Android 14

Android 14 opens up third-party app support for passkeys

With the arrival of Android 14, more apps are set to replace regular passwords with passkeys, and one of them is Dashlane.

Passkeys allow users to create online accounts and sign in to them without entering a password. According to 1Password, if they are implemented correctly, you won’t have to type anything out or require a two-factor authentication code.

In a recently blog post, Dashlane said that it would add support for passkeys in Android 14, as the new version of Android allows passkeys for third-party apps. Therefore, Dashlane won’t be the only app that will pick up passkeys when Android 14 launches later this year. 1Password is another app that’s announced the inclusion of passkeys.

In a tweet, Dashlane showed off what passkeys would look like on its app when Android 14 launches.

Passkeys will launch in Dashlane with the final release of Android 14, which is expected to roll out in August.

Source: Dashlane