Amazon doubles down on Matter support with its Echo line

The dream of an effortless smart home setup is inching closer

Amazon Echo device

Amazon is improving its support for the Matter protocol in a new update, according to a recent blog post. The 2nd-Gen Echo, Echo Plus, and Echo Dot are all being updated to work as Matter controllers, and 4th-Gen Echo is getting Thread router support. Additionally, iOS users can now set up Matter-supported devices directly from the Alexa app.

The company went on to share that over 100 million Echo smart speakers are now compatible with Matter, and over 300 million smart home devices are connected to Alexa.

Matter is a new protocol that’s been developed by major smart home players, including Amazon, Google, Apple and Samsung. The aim of the technology is to standardize smart device compatibility and to reduce consumer confusion.

Thread is an additional technology associated with the protocol. It operates similarly to Bluetooth, while also enabling low-power communication through a mesh system.

Previously, we’ve seen Google update its Nest products and its Android platform to support Matter. Apple also added support for the protocol in iOS16.1. More and more smart devices are being released with support for the new protocol, which will only help accelerate Matter’s standardization across the industry.

Source: Amazon Via: The Verge