Google improves Photos search bar with better understanding of phrases and ideas

The feature is currently being tested with a select group of users and is not live to the public yet

Google Photos on iOS

Despite Google Photos already having a very capable search tool, allowing users to search for old photos and videos by just typing what they contain, the company is looking to further enhance the search bar by adding more support for complicated requests.

Currently, Google Photos is able to use AI implementation to search for content with simple inputs such as dogs, lakes, people, etc. Now, with recent enhancements, Google is helping users find exact photos that match more detailed descriptions.

There’s even a new notification on the Google Photos search bar that reads, “Try a more powerful search.” Users can load longer, more detailed queries allowing Google to find the best matching photo in their stored space.

Google Photos will automatically bring the photo that best matches the detailed description to the forefront, highlighting it and then sorting the remaining results by relevance rather than date. It also notes that users can search for people within a particular setting (such as a man in a park,) and the app will show those results first.

The update is a welcome addition to Google Photos, making searching for images and videos much more accurate, especially if you’ve amassed an entire catalogue of them over the years.

Google told 9to5Google that, for now, the updated search bar feature is just an experiment. The company could be running tests to see how the implementation is going and may release a final version to the public once it’s ready.

The select few who can access the feature can use it only on the web and not on the Google Photos app yet.

Google also recently released a quick-fix update to solve Photos issues on iOS devices.

Source: Google Photos Via: Android Police