Reddit overhauls its sharing tools on iOS, Android

Both users and publishers should benefit from the changes

Reddit logo on a phone

An update to the Reddit app for iOS and Android will bring with it a revamped sharing system, according to a blog post by the company. The changes will make it easier to quickly share Reddit posts and conversations directly to other social media platforms.

Reddit highlights a list of changes being made to its app:

  • An updated ‘shared link’ preview for text posts that redditors have shared via messaging services. The appearance of the shared post now includes a visual preview of the content, the subreddit name, and total upvotes and comments.
  • The ability to share content directly from Reddit to Instagram Stories without having to first screenshot or download content.
  • A new custom ‘share sheet’ featuring the redditor’s most used sharing channels which appears when the user click on the share icon under a post, making it easier to publish without having to leave Reddit.
  • A one-tap screenshot-sharing experience that allows users to share content without saving images to their device – meaning they can link back to the content rather than only sending a screenshot.

Also included with the update, publishers will gain access to a new set of tools that streamline how Reddit content is embedded directly into sites.

The update comes less than two months after Reddit announced a product overhaul focusing on several design improvements.

Source: Reddit