Rogers labels once regularly priced plans as special online offers, reportedly charges more in store

Rogers' current offers are what the company regularly charged a week ago

Rogers has rolled out several online “offers” only available to new activations.

The company’s website labels its 25GB $85/month, promotional 50GB $95/month, and 100GB $105/month with “online only offer” tags. At first glance, this doesn’t seem to be an offer, given the company offered the same pricing options a week ago.

But according to iPhone in Canada, it is, in fact, a deal (albeit not a very good one) because it will cost customers an extra $5/month if they purchase the plans in-store, the publication reports.

Image credit: Rogers

That means the 25GB will cost $90, the 50GB $100, and the 100GB plan $110 at Rogers’ retail locations.

It’s unclear if the “online only” means Rogers will jack up the prices of its plans in the near future.

Bell and Telus are offering plans with similar pricing. However, Bell is currently offering monthly credits for new activations.

Update 04/05/2023: Rogers says the banner was incorrectly displayed due to a technical glitch. The banner now indicates the offer includes $10 off the plan when it’s purchased online.

Via: iPhone in Canada