Apple Safari overtakes Microsoft Edge in desktop market share

Both web browsers are still playing catch up to Google Chrome

Safari icon on iPhone

Apple’s native web browser, Safari, has officially overtaken Microsoft Edge in global market share according to new StatCounter data.

However, the lead is small, with Safari clocking in at 11.87 percent versus Edge’s 11 percent share as of April.

It should be noted these figures represent desktop browser users. Mobile devices running Android, iOS and iPadOS aren’t included in these metrics.

Of course, Google’s Chrome browser remains the undisputed champion when it comes to install base. The browser currently holds an enormous 66.13 percent of the web browser market.

For its part, Microsoft has been investing heavily in its Chromium-powered Edge browser. Most recently, the company has begun infusing OpenAI technology into the product. Whether these investments will pay off in the long-term remains to be seen.

Source: StatCounter Via: Digital Trends