Google appears to be testing out a new YouTube layout

Google just can't leave the platform's layout alone


Google is again tinkering with the layout of YouTube’s desktop site, as first spotted by Twitter user @sindowne (who doesn’t seem impressed with the experimental, new design 👀). The new layout briefly appeared for some users, only to quickly disappear upon refreshing the page.

The reworked layout places a lot more emphasis on suggested content, taking up the entire section below the video itself. The title, description and comments are all off to the right-hand side.

Curiously, there seems to be a section of wasted space just below the comments section. The layout is still in testing, and with that in mind, it could still change.

Google is no stranger to user interface redesigns. The company has tweaked the layout of its flagship video sharing platform countless times over the years, to mixed reception.

It’s possible we’ll hear about the redesign at Google I/O on May 10. On the other hand, it’s equally possible that the layout will never see the light of day.

Source: @sindowne Via: Android Police