Google Pixel 7a’s potential marketing package leaked

The Google Pixel 7a is set to be revealed Google I/O on May 10th, and launch the following day

Just days after Google India confirmed that a Pixel (highly suspected to be the 7a) would be at Google I/O in May, a new leak has revealed what looks to be official marketing materials for the Pixel 7a.

In a three-part tweet from gadget leaker Roland Quandt, screenshots showing new photos of what appears to be the Pixel 7a, a ‘Pick Your Pixel’ comparison chart from Google, and more detailed specs delivered in an advertising style template have been released.

In total, 12 marketing-related photos have leaked, shedding more light on the upcoming Pixel 7a, which has already leaked extensively over the past few weeks.

Previous leaks of the Pixel 7a showed the phone sporting a blue colourway, which also appears in this recent marketing leak, adding to the legitimacy of these claims.

The Pick Your Pixel comparison chart shows the differences between the upcoming Pixel 7a and Google’s Pixel 6a, likely in an effort to show off the 7a’s improved specs.

Additional photos include showing off what will come included with the Pixel, such as a quick switch adaptor, a SIM tool and USB-C to USB-C cable.

The leak looks legitimate, with the post covering a variety of features, including the phone’s camera capability, exclusive features, security abilities, renders of the phone itself and how Pixel products pair together.

All photos of the leak can be found on Quandt’s Twitter account here.

We already know that the Google Pixel 7a is likely similar to the Google Pixel 7, with bigger bezels and a smaller frame. It also will likely feature the same Tensor G2 chip and camera set-up as the Pixel 7.

It will be interesting to see if Google uses these marketing tools when the phone is announced officially on May 10th at Google/IO. The phone is reportedly set to launch on May 11th, one day after the developer’s conference.

Image credit: @rquandt

Source: @rquandt