Google wants you to ditch your password and switch to a passkey

Clunky passwords begone!

Google security graphic

If you have a Google account, you can now create and use a passkey to sign directly into it. When turning the feature on, it replaces the need for a traditional password and two-factor authentication, Google writes in a blog post.

Passkeys use cryptographic technology that is stored on-device, and they allow you to sign in using the PIN or biometric unlock data already on your phone.

“Today’s launch is a big step in a cross-industry effort that we helped start more than 10 years ago, and we are committed to passkeys as the future of secure sign-in, for everyone. We hope that other web and app developers adopt passkeys and are able to use our deployment as a model,” says Google.

Support for passkeys has been accelerated through a collaboration between platform holders Google, Apple, and Microsoft. Together with the Fast Identity Online (FIDO) Alliance, the companies hope to usher in a passwordless future.

To turn on the feature right now, head over to your Google Account settings page, click on the “security” tab, and then click on “passkeys.”
More detailed information on passkeys and the underlying technology behind them can be found on Google’s Identity site.
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Source: Google