Google’s Fuchsia OS arrives on the 2nd-Gen Nest Hub

Google's other smart displays have already gotten the update

Google Nest Hub Max

Google’s latest update for the 2nd-Gen Nest Hub is a big one — it replaces the underlying Cast OS with a new operating system called Fuchsia. The change is entirely under the hood, so you won’t notice any differences in functionality or to the actual user interface.

The update will make its way to insiders in the Preview Program first before rolling out more broadly to all users, according to Google (via 9to5Google.)

Fuchsia first launched in 2021 as a software update for the original Nest Hub. The new OS was then brought over to the Nest Hub Max last year.

Besides being built from the ground up by Google, what makes Fuchsia so interesting is that it’s not Linux-based. For reference, Linux forms the underlying foundation of Android, ChromeOS and the existing Cast OS (intended for smart displays.)

The Fuchsia project has been one of intrigue, with much speculation on the future Google might be envisioning for it. It’s possible to conceive of a future where the company develops it into a full-blown operating system.

For the time being, it looks like the OS will become the main platform for Nest smart displays. Google offers a developer website where it discusses the latest updates on Fuchsia.

Via: 9to5Google