Latest ChromeOS dev build introduces dynamic screensavers

The feature is available now for testing

Chromebook lid

In its latest developer build of ChromeOS, Google has introduced a pair of dynamic screensavers to the operating system. They’re categorized under “dawn to dark,” separating them from the existing static options.

The first addition is ‘Cloud Flow,’ while the second is ‘Earth Flow.’ When applied, each will slowly transition in appearance to match the current time of day.

Hints of this new inclusion were first spotted in Chromium flags back in February by Chrome Story. While the flags referenced the feature to be coming to both screensavers and wallpapers, this new dev build only has the former.

The idea of a screensaver or wallpaper that dynamically adjusts to reflect the day/night cycle is not a new one. Apple introduced dynamic wallpapers for the Mac back in 2018 with its macOS Mojave release.

For what it’s worth, Google’s interpretation of the feature looks to be a bit more lively than Apple’s — incorporating a timelapse of clouds as they gently float across the sky.

Hopefully in future builds we’ll see Google introduce even more dynamic screensavers, as well as an option to select them as a desktop wallpaper.

Via: Android Police