Samsung Canada’s nationwide program allows for proper e-waste disposal

The program sees Samsung Canada partner with the Electronic Products Recycling Association to help Canadians eliminate e-waste

Samsung Canada has announced that after one year of operating its nationwide electronic recycling program, the company has recycled 101kg of e-waste that would have otherwise ended up in landfills.

The program was launched in 2022 in an effort to get Canadians to dispose of electronics at their local Samsung Experience Store. Participating customers can find drop-off locations at the service counter located in their local Samsung stores.

The electronic recycling program was also created in part to allow the company to practice sustainability in a way that was easy and convenient for its customers. According to StatsCan, 38 percent of Canadian households reported having at least one type of unwanted electronic device to dispose of in 2021, and 21 percent were still putting their old devices in the garbage.

Samsung Canada partnered with the Electronic Products Recycling Association (EPRA) for the program. The EPRA has set the standard for safe and secure electronics recycling for over a decade.

Canadians interested in dropping off their own e-waste at their local Samsung store can find the list of participating stores here.

The tech giant recommends that all data be wiped from devices before being donated.

In 2022, Samsung unveiled a new environmental strategy that the company says will achieve net zero emissions by 2050.