Starlink adds unlimited data to its standard plan

The company has also revamped its mobile app

Starlink has added an unlimited data feature to its standard service plan.

According to Tesla North, the addition to the $120/month USD plan has seen the SpaceX company remove its 1Mbps cap on priority plans. The publication cites a document from Starlink’s support page comparing plans, though the document only lists U.S. pricing. It’s not clear if the standard plan changes apply to Canada — Starlink’s website notes that prices start at $140/mo for residential users in Canada.

The standard plan is best for households, according to the company, and is in addition to Starlink’s priority, mobile, and mobile priority plans.

The mobile priority plan is listed as the best option for maritime use. The company also recently launched a specific Maritime Plan that costs $329 a month in Canada.

Starlink’s app users may have also noticed some changes to the app. The company has rolled out a new account screen. Users can now also manage their subscriptions directly from the app.

The changes are in addition to a hardware promotion Starlink is offering for rural Canadians. Depending on your area, customers can pay $199 for hardware instead of the regular $759.

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Source: Starlink Via: Tesla North