Xbox reveals plans for upcoming Xbox Games Showcase, Starfield Direct

The upcoming event will take place on June 11th with Starfield Direct streaming the day after

Xbox Games Showcase 2023

Xbox has released its plans and a date for the highly anticipated Xbox Games Showcase this summer, which is set to shine a spotlight on new and upcoming Xbox and PC games. The company also revealed more information about Bethesda’s Starfield event.

The showcase is officially set to be live-streamed on June 11th, 2023 at 1pm ET/10AM PT.

The 2023 Xbox Games Showcase is designed to give gamers a first-hand look at new titles set to come to  Xbox, PC, and Game Pass from the company’s internal studios and its creative partners.

Following the games showcase, Xbox will be airing ‘Starfield Direct,’ described as “a deep-dive into Bethesda Game Studios’ highly anticipated sci-fi RPG.” The event will provide viewers with detailed information surrounding the upcoming title, including gameplay, behind-the-scenes insider information and interviews with the game’s developers.

Starfield, initially announced in 2018, was recently delayed to a September 6th relese.

Xbox has also confirmed Xbox Games Showcase Extended, a follow-up stream that will air on June 13th at 1pm ET/10am PT. The stream will consist of game updates from the company’s partners and more in-depth interviews regarding the content of the showcase.

The showcase is set to air through a variety of outlets and in over 30 languages. Below is the list of places the event will be streaming.

Xbox’s in-person Fan Fest will also be returning this year, giving viewers an opportunity to watch the broadcast with local fans in cities across the globe, including Los Angeles, Mexico City, São Paulo, Melbourne, and Warsaw. Full details can be found here.

With E3’s cancellation this year, Xbox Games Showcase should take centre stage as one of the biggest video game events of this year.

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