Zillow partners with OpenAI’s ChatGPT to launch plug-in for home search

The ChatGPT plug-in is currently available to a select number of users

Zillow, the popular online real estate marketplace, has surprised the tech world with a new partnership with OpenAI’s ChatGPT.

The company has launched a new plug-in that allows ChatGPT users to search for a house by sharing their location, price range, and the desired number of bedrooms. The ChatGPT plug-in will then scour Zillow’s vast database to provide options that meet the user’s criteria.

The ChatGPT plug-in is currently available to a select number of users, with broader access expected in the future. It remains unclear how Zillow will select these users, although it is speculated that paying ChatGPT Plus subscribers are likely to be prioritized.

“Generative AI is changing the way people search for information. At Zillow, we’ve been embracing AI and machine learning starting with the Zestimate in 2006, and later introducing personalized recommendations and natural language search – which means we’re well-equipped to help customers search and find homes in this new way,” said David Beitel, chief technology officer at Zillow Group, in a recent press release.

The ChatGPT plug-in follows the company’s introduction of a “natural-language search” feature that allows users to input conversational phrases into the search bar to generate relevant results.

Zillow’s partnership with ChatGPT is an exciting development for the real estate and the AI space. As OpenAI continues to fine-tune and improve the plug-in, it also has the potential to significantly change and revolutionize how people search for homes online. Zillow can be accessed on the web, and is also available as an iOS and Android app.

Image credit: Zillow

Source: Zillow Via: The Verge