An Apple Maps teams is coming to a Canadian city near you in May

Major Canadian cities such as Toronto, Ottawa, Calgary and Edmonton can expect to see Apple Maps teams starting in May 2023

Apple Maps teams will be journeying across six major Canadian cities this May, and while there are many sights to be seen, their main focus will be mapping out more roads and streets to better improve the navigation app.

As announced by Apple on Twitter, teams will begin driving across Canada and walking in Toronto, Montreal, Gatineau, Ottawa, Calgary, and Edmonton beginning in May 2023. As for exactly how the teams will be mapping out locations, Apple says Canadians can expect to see “specialized vehicles and backpacks” that the team will utilize in their outings.

The company often sends out teams to patrol certain areas to update the app’s information, with the maps team last travelling to Canadian cities such as Toronto, Montreal, Calgary, Vancouver, Edmonton and Ottawa in August 2022.

Apple stated in a support post that the information collected would go towards improving Apple Maps and supporting its ‘Look Around’ feature, which is essentially the company’s spin on Google Maps ‘Street View.’

Maps teams are also noted to conduct surveys using portable systems in pedestrian areas, as they did last year in Alberta and Quebec. These teams are equipped with backpack systems to collect data, with others using iPhones, iPads or other devices.

If you happen to catch yourself on the same street as one of Apple’s teams, don’t worry. The company has gone on record to say that it is “committed to protecting your privacy while conducting these surveys.” This means that the faces of pedestrians will be blurred, as will car license plates and other sensitive information. If they missed something, Canadians can contact Apple requesting a change be made.

Apple Maps teams have already begun to survey Ontario, with Quebec slated for later this month. Surveys are reported to conclude by the end of September.

Source: @Apple Via: iPhone in Canada