European Union warns Apple not to lock down USB-C iPhone

Apple might bring its "Made for iPhone" certification to the rumoured USB-C iPhone

USB C iPhone leaked image

European Union Commissioner Thierry Breton has reportedly sent Apple a warning letter regarding its USB-C implementation in the iPhone, according to German publication Die Zeit. 

In the letter, Breton allegedly warns the company that limiting USB-C charging functionality will not be permitted, and will result in a sales ban of iPhones within the EU.

Recent leaks suggest the company will include certification chips in the upcoming USB-C equipped iPhone 15 series, emulating its “Made for iPhone” (MFi) program used in current lightning-based iPhones.

The chip will reportedly limit the charging speed and functionality of non-Apple certified USB-C cables and accessories connected to the new iPhone.

The rumour has proven controversial, with critics saying it undermines the openness of the USB-C standard. Apple, for its part, has remained silent on the matter.

With the EU ruling in favour of standardizing USB-C charging last October, all eyes are on Apple and its next move. The deadline to switch has been set for December 28th, 2024.

While the EU’s common charger mandate probably means a USB-C iPhone for Canadians, this hasn’t stopped the federal government from considering enacting similar legislation of its own.

Image credit: @URedditor

Source: Die Zeit Via: MacRumors