Google plans to replace the lock icon in a Chrome update

The company says the padlock is an outdated tool

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The small lock icon on the left hand side of Chrome’s address bar will soon be replaced with a tune icon, Google has announced in a blog post.

The lock was originally introduced when encrypted “https” websites were less common than their unencrypted “http” counterparts. The icon was once a handy tool to signify the protection of sensitive data like credit card information.

With almost all modern-day sites using https, Google says the icon now does more harm than good — it gives people a false sense of security against threats like phishing attacks.

With the new tune icon set to replace the lock, the company hopes to reduce security misconceptions and increase the discoverability of Chrome’s permission controls.

The change is expected to release in Chrome ‘version 117’ on desktop, alongside a broader redesign of the web browser’s aesthetics. Android will also receive the replacement icon, while Chrome for iOS will drop the button entirely.

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Source: Google Via: Engadget