Google’s rumoured ‘Finder Network’ to support third-party tracking devices

Third-party tracking devices might plug directly into the Google ecosystem

Find My Device on a Pixel 7

A number of existing Bluetooth trackers should be scooping up support for Google’s rumoured ‘Finder Network,’ as reported by 9to5Google. Uncovered documents reveal Chipolo, Eufy, and Pebblebee are all looking to support the new network with their tracker products.

Google’s Finder Network has allegedly been in development for some time, and looks to directly compete with Apple’s ‘Find My’ network. The system will greatly expand the ecosystem of trackable devices by bringing third parties into the fold.

Google is also rumoured to be working on an AirTag-style tracker device of its own, so it looks like the company is getting serious in its bid to challenge Apple.

Speaking of Apple, the two tech giants recently joined forces on an industry specification to protect against unwanted tracking. The system aims to detect and alert users of any nefarious activity that might be going on.

Source: 9to5Google Via: Android Police