New CAPTCHA auto-verify feature being tested in Chrome Canary

Google is working to make the CAPTCHA system less of a nuisance

CAPTCHA dialogue

If you’ve been on the web for any amount of time, chances are you’ve solved a CAPTCHA puzzle or two in order to prove you’re a human.

It looks like Google is as fed up with them as we are. The company is currently testing a new auto-verification feature in Chrome Canary, as first pointed out by Leopeva64 on Twitter.

The new feature will allow websites to remember your previously completed CAPTCHA puzzles, so you won’t have to solve them as often. Websites will also be able to determine if you’ve completed a puzzle on another website, further removing redundancy.

The CAPTCHA system has long been a pain point for users, but a necessary one to reduce bot and spam activity on the web.

Google has been working to make the system less frustrating for years now, including by ditching wobbly words in favour of image puzzles, and by implementing a more frictionless experience.

Source: @Leopeva64 Via: Android Police