Rogers slashes price tag for most of its 5G plans

Its 25GB mobile-only plan previously cost $85/month. It's now priced at $65/month.


Update 05/05/2023 at 11:14am ET: Bell and Telus have since adjusted their plans to match Rogers’ offerings.

Rogers has dropped the cost of several of its plans in a move it says will make “5G more accessible & affordable for Canadians.”

Starting on the mobile side, the company has dropped the price of its 25GB plan to $65/month. This plan previously cost $85/month ($75 if receiving a monthly credit).

Its 50GB plan is now priced at $85/month, down from the previously listed $95/month.

No changes apply to its 100GB $105/month plan.

Customers who bundle a wireless plan with home internet services will see additional savings.

The 25GB plan will cost $55/month, down from $65/month. The 50GB has a $65/month price tag, previously listed as $85/month. The 100GB plan is $75/month, down from the original price of $105.

Customers can also add a 15GB additional line for $50/month, down from $60.

The offers appear to apply to new and existing customers adding a new service to their accounts.

The company says it will also provide all its customers with voice and data plans access to its 5G network at no additional cost.

Update 04/05/2023 4:48pm ET: Rogers says a technical glitch caused a banner to appear incorrectly at the top of its online plans. This reference has been removed from the story.

Source: Rogers