Take a trip to the Year 3000 with Waze’s new Jonas Brothers voice directions

Go on tour with Nick, Kevin and Joe Jonas with the new driving experience from Waze

Waze Jonas Brothers

Waze, is known for integrating humourous limited-time voices in its app, has introduced a new option for drivers — none other than Disney Channel’s favourites, the Jonas Brothers.

The new feature takes the phrase “worldwide tour” to a whole new level, with the Jonas Brothers now available to give directions in cars with Waze across the globe.

The new driving experience has been launched to help promote the trio’s new album, dubbed “The Album.” Rather than previous voice integrations that typically use only one featured voice to provide directions, drivers are guided by Kevin, Nick and Joe on the road.

If you happen to find yourself in deadlock rush hour traffic, don’t fret. The new feature also contains commentary from the brothers, which means you might be able to hear about the group’s rise to teen-pop stardom while you struggle to merge into the fast lane on the way home.

To add to the fun, when you choose the experience in the Waze app, your vehicle icon on the navigation screen transforms into The Jonas Brother’s tour bus (weird smells not included.) This can be activated by going to the official Waze announcement page for the experience and clicking the link at the bottom. The latest version of the Waze app is required.

With the Jonas Brothers being the latest addition to Waze’s navigation voice cameos, it begs the question, what other boy bands should follow? Will the Backstreet Boys force you to make a wrong turn because they want it that way? Will NSYNC hit a collective ‘Bye Bye Bye’ when you reach your destination? The possibilities are truly endless.

Waze is available on the App Store and the Google Play Store.

Image credit: Google

Source: Waze Via: Android Police