Xbox CEO Phil Spencer says he’s ‘disappointed’ about Redfall’s launch

Phil Spencer says he's taking responsibility for the game's poor start on Xbox

After it was confirmed that Arkane Studios’ highly anticipated game Redfall would only be able to run at 30fps on Xbox consoles, many gamers were left feeling short-changed as the exclusive title failed to deliver. Now, Xbox head Phil Spencer has publicly stated his disappointment surrounding the game’s launch.

Speaking in the latest ‘Kinda Funny Games’ videocast, Spencer spoke in depth about his personal thoughts and the opinion of the Xbox community after Redfall’s anti-climatic release this week.

In a move that displays personal accountability, Spencer said, “There’s nothing more difficult for me than disappointing the Xbox Community.” It was announced back in April 2023 that Redfall would release on consoles in ‘Quality mode’ only, locking in 30fps as the only option.

This was, of course, a blow to console gamers as 60fps has become the standard for most first-person shooters, especially on current-gen systems. Spencer went on to say that not being to launch the game at a higher framerate was a “rightful punch on the chin.”

“I have a lot of friends get a lot of feedback and just to kind of watch the community lose confidence…be disappointed. I’m disappointed, I’m upset with myself,” the CEO said.

A quick look at Metacritic reveals that the Xbox Series X version of Redfall is currently sitting at a 62 Metascore and a poor 2.6 based on user reviews. A review from the user ‘daryl83‘ states, “Rushed game with performance issues, bugs and bland environments. Huge input delay in gameplay. (The) story is forgettable. What a mess…”

Spencer’s full discussion with Kinda Funny Games can be found below.

Thankfully, Arkane Studios and Spencer are trying to right the game’s initial wrongs. Arkane Studios announced back in April that 60fps’ Performance mode’ would be added via a game update at a later date, and Spencer would said he takes full responsibility for the title’s poor start.

Spencer says that Xbox, along with himself, will re-visit its process behind launching exclusive titles going forward.

“We have to put great games in the hands of our players,” Spencer said.

In the same videocast, Spencer also touched on the Xbox One losing out in sales to the PlayStation 4, saying that it was “the worst generation to lose.”

Redfall is available now on through Game Pass on Xbox Series X and PC.

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Source: Kinda Funny Games (YouTube) Via: MP1st