Bell offers increased data, lower price tags, to match Rogers

Its 25GB data plan now costs $65/month

Following major plan changes from Rogers, Bell is now following suit.

Bell changed its 15GB $65/month plan to now include 25GB of data. However, it’s worth noting the company removed its bonus $5/month credit offering that would make the bill $60/month.

Its $75/month plan now includes 50GB of data instead of the previous 25GB. This plan typically costs $85/month, but Bell kept its $10/month credit for 24 months.

Its 100GB Canada/U.S. plan now has 100GB of data and costs $95/month. Like the previous plan, Bell has left the $10/month discount on this option, which typically costs $105/month.

The 25GB plan offers 5G access, while the remaining two connect to 5G+.

Rogers released surprise changes to its wireless plans yesterday, lowering its 25GB plan from $85/month to $65/month. Its 50GB plan now costs $85/month. The 100GB plan still has a $105/month price tag.

Not wanting to remain the odd one out, Telus was also swift to follow Rogers’ plan changes. It matched Rogers with a 50GB $85/month plan, which is only available if customers bring their own devices. Its $90/month plan now includes 75GB of data.

More details on Bell’s changes are available on the company’s website.