Freedom Mobile offering 100GB of extra data when you get a phone

The bonus data is available on $50/mo+ Big Gig plans

Vidéotron’s Freedom Mobile made some big changes to its plans recently and now it’s offering a big deal: 100GB of extra data.

Right now, if you get a new phone from Freedom Mobile on any of its ‘Big Gig Unlimited’ plans, you’ll get 100GB of extra data to use after you’ve blown through your monthly allotment.

As with any telecom deal, there are a few stipulations to be aware of. First, to get the 100GB of extra data, you need to activate a new MyTab line or complete a hardware upgrade on an eligible plan, which Freedom says is one the costs $50/mo or more (after the Digital Discount). It’s worth noting that the offer isn’t available to existing customers who upgrade their phone through My Account.

Some other caveats: the 100GB of data is only available on Freedom’s Network, which means it doesn’t help you much if you use up the much smaller bucket of ‘nationwide’ data that’s available to you when outside of Freedom’s coverage area.

Of course, not everything is bad. Freedom notes that the extra data will only be used once you’ve gone past your monthly allotment, and it will remain on your account for as long as you’re an active Freedom customer (though you do have to stay on an eligible plan and fulfill your MyTab commitment). Once you’ve used up the 100GB of data, it won’t be replenished.

Freedom’s Big Gig Unlimited plans start at $50/mo for 20GB of Freedom data. You can learn more here.