Freedom Mobile expands its ‘nationwide’ data offerings

Nationwide data applies when Freedom customers are out of the company's coverage area

Freedom Mobile has increased the amount of data it’s offering on several plans under its ‘Freedom Nationwide‘ category.

Freedom Nationwide allows customer devices to connect to the company’s partner network (which is Rogers, according to merger negotiations) outside Freedom’s coverage area. Freedom Nationwide has a different data allotment compared to what’s available on its regular network.

Under its unlimited data, talk, and text plans, Ontario users getting a new device will get 3GB of nationwide data under the  $50/month 20GB and $55/month 25GB plans. The plans previously offered 1GB of nationwide data.

The $65/month 35GB and $75/month 50GB plans offer 4GB of nationwide data, up from 2GB.

The $85/month 60GB Canada-U.S. plan has 6GB of nationwide data, up from 4GB.

Users who bring their own devices can expect the same data allotments with slightly cheaper plan prices due to a$5/month credit for 24 months.

The change follows the company’s rollout to offer legacy customers 10 percent bonus data.

Source: Freedom Via: iPhone in Canada