Gamers can now represent their country as an Olympic Fortnite player

The Battle Bus will be flying over Singapore this June for Olympic Esports Week

It’s official — The International Olympic Committee (IOC) has added ‘Fortnite‘ to the Olympic Esports Finals lineup, making the game a verified Olympic esport.

Despite what the announcement suggests, the addition is slightly more structured than just casual gamers dropping into a public lobby to represent their country. 12 of the best from the Fortnite Champion Series will participate in an International Shooting Sport Federation-backed sharpshooting competition on a special Fortnite Creative Island.

For fans of the game, this means no building battles and no last-man-standing shootouts — just pure skill in a winner-take-all match.

With this recent announcement, the IOC has also opened ticket sales for Olympic Esports Week. Centred around the first in-person finals of the 2023 competition series, the event will run from June 23rd to June 25th and costs 10 SGD to attend one day or 20 SGD for the three days of competition.

Coincidentally, the exchange rate from SGD to CAD is within a few cents, so Canadian fans looking to watch Olympic Fortnite action are in luck.

The sport shooting matches take place on June 24th and can be streamed through both Olympics.com and the Olympics’ social media channels.

Fortnite joins nine other titles in the Olympic Esports Series, including Gran Turismo racing, Zwift cycling, Just Dance and web chess.

Most of the other titles are somewhat related to real-world sporting events, so the inclusion of a game where you can snipe a John Cena avatar from 500 yards is a bit of a hilarious edition, but hey, IOC — you do you.

With Fortnite being the most popular title to grace the Olympic Esports Series, the addition brings the IOC one step closer to its goal of fostering esports and connecting with the broader video game community.

In other Fortnite news, the game is now available on Amazon’s Cloud Gaming Service, Luna.

Image credit: Epic Games

Source: IOC Via: Engadget