Gmail users are noticing more ads than usual in their inbox

It's unclear if these extra ads are intentional

Gmail app

Some users of Google’s popular Gmail service have started noticing more ads than they’re used to seeing. The additional ads appear to be sandwiched between regular emails, as opposed to the traditional placement at the top or bottom of the list.

Many have taken to Twitter to express their concern with the change, arguing that it makes it more difficult to parse through important mail.

Interestingly, the official Gmail account has replied to one of the complaints with the response “that doesn’t sound good,” followed by a suggestion for the user to submit feedback to the support team.

The new ads seem to be appearing for some users and not others at this time. They’re being reported both on the web and mobile versions of Gmail.

It’s possible that the entire thing is simply a mistake on Google’s part. It’s also possible that Google is A/B testing the feature in order to gauge the public’s response.

In other Gmail-related news, Google has recently rolled out a blue checkmark feature aimed to reduce the prevalence of spam.

Source: @halicath Via: 9to5Google