Google plans to bring ‘Material You’ to Android Automotive

This unifies the company's design language across more platforms

Android Automotive interface

Google’s in-vehicle operating system is set to receive a design update, according to recent documents published by the company, including the addition of new ‘Material You’ design principles.

On phones, one of the key elements of Material You is the dynamic accent colour that adjusts based on your wallpaper of choice. In Android Automotive, the colour pallet will instead be chosen by the car manufacturer, according to Android guru and freelance journalist Mishaal Rahman on Twitter.

Material You first launched alongside Android 12, and has steadily become Google’s design language of choice in all its software offerings.

Google’s Chrome web browser on Android is also set to receive a visual refresh, to further bring it in line with the aesthetic the company is going for.

As for Android Automotive, some car manufacturers are still embracing the platform, while others have decided to go their own way.

Source: Google, @MishaalRahman Via Android Police