HTC confirms it’s working on a new smartphone

Is this the HTC smartphone we've all been waiting for?

HTC U12+ smartphone

HTC has announced its intent to launch a new phone in 2023. The once-mighty Taiwanese company took to Twitter with a short video, teasing a silhouette of the device.

The tagline “see u soon” indicates the phone will follow the U-series branding of previous HTC handsets. There’s also a vague reference to the Viveverse — HTC’s take on the metaverse — but there’s not much else for us to go off of.

HTC hasn’t crafted a true flagship smartphone since the U12+ in 2018. It’s produced a few midrange models in the meantime, the most recent being the Desire 22 Pro from last year.

The company has instead been placing emphasis on its Vive VR headsets in recent years. It also seems to have developed a newfound interest in the metaverse, attempting to tie the concept into its smartphone marketing.

It’s unclear whether this new device will be HTC’s triumphant return to the premium phone market, or if it’ll end up being another midrange offering.

HTC was once at the top of the smartphone pecking order. It launched the very first commercially available Android phone, the HTC Dream (G1), in 2008. The company is also revered for making one of the most iconic phones of all time, the One (M7).

Much of HTC’s former smartphone division now works on hardware for Google’s Pixel lineup after a partial acquisition by the search giant in 2018.

Source: HTC