Telus lowers some plan prices to match Rogers

Unlike Rogers, Telus' $65/25GB plan doesn't offer 5G access

Telus logo

Vancouver-based national telecom Telus has changed up its plans in the wake of Rogers’ price cuts. Telus’ new pricing sort of matches Rogers, though with some major differences.

Rogers surprised us yesterday by dropping its 25GB plan from $85/mo to $65/mo. The $85 plan went to 50GB of data and the company’s $105/mo 100GB plan didn’t see significant changes. (It’s worth keeping in mind Rogers’ prices include a $5/mo discount for using automatic payments.)

Telus has matched the $85/mo 50GB plan that Rogers has, though it still restricts the plan to bring-your-own-phone (BYOP) customers — a change it made in mid-April. That’s up from 25GB of data at that price.

Interestingly, Telus kept its $90/mo plan in the lineup, bumping the data up from 50GB to 75GB. Telus didn’t change its $100/mo 100GB plan or its $110/mo 100GB plan with unlimited Canada-U.S. talk, text and data use.

Telus also offers a $65/25GB plan like Rogers, but it’s not displayed at the top of the company’s plan webpage. Instead, it’s tucked away at the bottom of the page next to talk and text plans and prepaid options. Moreover, Telus’ $65 plan offers 25GB of 4G data, whereas Rogers offers 25GB of data on its 5G and 5G+ networks. It’s also only available to new BYOP customers.

Update May 5th, 2023 at 9:56am ET: Bell also adjusted its plans to match Rogers and Telus.

You can check out all of Telus’ plans here.