Writers Guild of Canada comes out in support of American strike

The strike will impact the Canadian film industry

WGC Statement

The Writers Guild of Canada (WGC) is expressing its solidarity with those on strike at the Writers Guild of America (WGA).

“The WGC, along with writers guilds around the world, stands in solidarity with the WGA in their strike action for fair compensation for writers. We hope for a swift and fair resolution,” says Victoria Shen, WGC executive director.

The WGC has introduced a set of rules in response to the strike, which began on May 1st. It’s prohibiting Canadian writers from accepting any struck work from its southern counterpart, and U.S.-based dual guild members are also subject to all the strike terms.

The strike has already affected the Canadian film industry — American location scouting and service production filming has crawled to a halt.

While Canadian projects are continuing to press on, the only American projects still in active development are those with already completed scripts.

The strike is also likely to impact the streaming service industry. Apple TV+, for example, is likely to take a hit in its timeline of content releases.

Image credit: WGC

Source: WGC Via: Variety