Xbox’s Seagate Storage Expansion Cards are slightly cheaper now

Seagate's 512GB, 1TB, and 2TB memory cards have all dropped in price

Xbox Seagate Storage

Xbox took to Twitter to announce that its expensive selection of 512GB, 1TB, and 2TB memory cards from Seagate are now available at a lower price, making each slightly more affordable.

The Xbox Series X/S expansion cards are available for $179.00 (approximately $239.53 CAD), $299.00 ($400.11 CAD) and $519.00 ($694.50 CAD), respectively. The price drop comes as a replacement for the discounted sale prices of the cards and should soon be reflected at retailers soon.

Some are wondering if the change came as a result of a leak that revealed Western Digital was planning on lowering its prices for storage, prompting Xbox to think on its feet and cut the price down.

At face value, it’s a welcome change from the company. Even with third-party storage options usually coming in cheaper, $50 to $80 off is nothing to scoff at, especially when the price reduction is final rather than a sale. Some gamers still aren’t feeling the move, with calls for even further price cuts flooding the announcement post in response.

Hopefully, as other sales events like Black Friday and Cyber Monday follow, Xbox fans’ wishes can come true, with the possibility of further price trimming becoming a serious reality.

The Microsoft Store hasn’t yet been updated in Canada, with the current site showing what looks to be the original price per expansion card.

Source: @XboxCanada Via: The Verge