5G Standalone toggle starts appearing on Bell iPhones

A carrier update reportedly dropped over the weekend

Bell customers with 5G-capable iPhones can now go all-in on the next-gen wireless network thanks to a new carrier setting appearing for users.

An iPhone in Canada reader told the publication that they received a carrier update to their iPhone 14 Pro over the weekend. The update enabled a ‘5G Standalone’ option. The new option is accessible by heading into the Settings app > Cellular > Cellular Data Options > Voice and Data.

Per details in the Settings app, 5G Standalone makes iPhones use 5G “for all cellular activity, including cellular network connections.”

Other options, which have been on iPhones for a while, include ‘5G Auto’ and ‘5G On.’ Auto mode does what it’s name implies and automatically uses 5G when needed for performance, optimizing battery life. 5G On, on the other hand, uses 5G whenever it’s available, even if that might reduce battery life or performance.

Source: iPhone in Canada