Fido will soon increase its pay-per-use data overage rate to $15/100MB

The charge will largely apply to plans purchased before August 2019

Fido will change the cost of its pay-per-use data overage rate on May 25th.

The new rate will cost $15/100MB, according to Fido’s website.

The Rogers flanker brand introduced a data overage protection feature in 2019. Fido pauses customers’ access to data once they hit 100 percent of their data allotment to avoid overage charges. Users can purchase more through their accounts.

But the company’s overage protection plan only applies in a handful of areas, according to its website.

The first is postpaid data, talk, and text plans activated after August 7th, 2019. The second is postpaid data and text plans, and the third is data-only plans activated after May 28th, 2020.

Customers who haven’t activated a new plan since Fido introduced data protection are subjected to pay-per-use data rates.

100MB of data overage for customers with older plans currently costs $7, a Rogers spokesperson confirmed to MobileSyrup.

Updated 09/25/2023 12:17pm ET: The article has been updated with the current data overage price.