Google Search might pick up new AI superpowers soon

The development comes amid an industry-wide AI arms race

Google Search

Google has ambitious plans to level up its search engine with AI technology, according to The Wall Street Journal. The company is apparently revamping search to include social media posts, short-form video content, and an overall more conversational spin to the service.

Documents obtained by the publication reveal Google’s intention to “enable confidence” in search results by providing attributions to sources of information (via Android Police).

The codename for the conversational AI chatbot being worked on is “Magi,” per The New York Times in a previous report. However, the documents obtained by The Wall Street Journal don’t provide a specific time frame for when to expect the feature to launch.

Google’s flagship product has remained somewhat stagnant in recent years, having no major competition in quite some time. This has all changed with Microsoft’s investment in OpenAI technology, bringing ChatGPT-style capabilities to its Bing search engine. Google has reportedly been racing to infuse AI into its own search product ever since.

It’s possible that the search giant will unveil some of its envisioned plans for search at its upcoming Google I/O conference.

Google I/O takes place on May 10. It’s widely predicted that the company will announce its anticipated folding Pixel phone, as well as a new Pixel 7a midrange offering.

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Source: The Wall Street Journal Via: Android Police