Ontario driver charged for using device that conceals their numberplate

Obstructing the view to the licence plate is illegal under the Ontario Highway Traffic Act

A driver in Ontario thought they had found a clever way to avoid traffic cameras and tolls by using a device that can conceal their licence plate with the push of a button.

The Ontarian, who was driving a black Porsche Panamera 4S, was spotted by a police officer who noticed that the vehicle did not have a number plate.

The officer pulled over the driver in Milton this weekend and discovered they had installed a licence plate concealing device on their vehicle. The device featured a black retractable cover that slides over the licence plate and blocks it from view. The driver was able to activate the device by pressing a button in the driver seat, presumably to evade detection by speed, red light and Highway 407 toll cameras.

The driver may not have realized that obstructing their licence plate is illegal under the Ontario Highway Traffic Act. “The entire number plate, including the numbers, is plainly visible at all times, and the view of the number plate shall not be obscured or obstructed by spare tires, bumper bars, any part of the vehicle, any attachments to the vehicle or the load carried,” states the Ontario Highway Traffic Act.

Halton police shared a photo of the device on Twitter on Sunday, May 7th, and said that the driver was charged with obstructing their licence plate.

Image credit:@HRPSMiltHH

Source: @HRPSMiltHH