Samsung to introduce 2x zoom for Galaxy S23 portrait shots

The new feature will be included in yet another camera-focused update from the company

After a noteworthy update in April 2023 that saw Samsung upgrade the autofocus algorithm on its cameras, the company is now working on another big camera update for the Galaxy S23 that will allow users to take portrait photos at 2x zoom.

Although the feature of taking portrait photos at 2x is already available on the Google Pixel 7 Pro, it is not currently possible with the Galaxy S23 series, which only allows for portrait captures in 1x or 3x zoom.

With the surge in popularity of taking photos at 2x zoom, which users find to be the perfect balance between the line’s two existing zoom options, Samsung has decided to bring the feature over to the S23 series. A Samsung moderator in charge of the S23’s camera confirmed that 2x zoom will be available for portrait photos in the next update.

Paired with the S23s background blur for portrait photos, it looks like the company is doubling down on its pursuit of giving users lots of options when it comes to their mobile photography.

The camera team is also working on addressing problems that have affected the Galaxy S23 Ultra’s camera for some time, including HDR vignetting issues. These issues are most noticeable in photos taken in low-light conditions. Fixes to this issue will be included in the phone’s next software update, which is rumoured to drop later this month.

The Galaxy S23 line did receive a security patch at the start of May 2023 without any other major fixes. It’s rumoured that the South Korean tech giant’s next camera-focused update for the Galaxy S23 series will make its debut in mid-May.

Source: Samsung Via: Android Police