Starlink continues to offer the best satellite internet services in Canada: Ookla

Starlink is also the fastest satellite provider in North America

Internet speeds provided by SpaceX’s Starlink recently increased in Canada, according to a new report from Ookla.

Download speeds increased by 28Mbps in the last two quarters (Q4, 2o22 and Q1 2023). However, when looking at it year over year, download speeds decreased by 3Mbps between Q1 2022 to Q1 2023.

Despite this, Starlink’s service in Canada makes it the fastest satellite provider in North America. With a download speed of 93.97Mbps, it’s 40 percent faster than the U.S. with a download speed of 66.59Mbps. The average download speed in Mexico was 56.42Mbps over the past quarter.

Satellite internet provider Viasat also made strides in Canada. Download speeds went from 24.36Mbps in Q3 2022 to 48.24Mbps in Q1 2023.

It wasn’t the same story for upload speeds, with all providers trailing behind fixed broadband providers. However, out of the satellite providers Ookla analyzed, Starlink in Canada reported the fastest satellite upload speed at 9.60Mbps

Starlink continues to be an increasingly popular option for rural residents, the analysis notes. Canadians in rural Canada can purchase hardware for 70 percent off the normal price.

Image credit: Starlink

Source: Ookla