Apple’s new Apple Watch band for Pride will have you craving cupcakes

No two watch bands will be exactly the same

Apple has unveiled a new Pride-themed watch sport band, watch face, and phone wallpaper, all of which will be available later this month.

The first glimpse of this band and watch face came in late April, when Twitter users @aaronp613 and @nicolas09F9 discovered images in Apple’s backend. Apple creates wallpapers and watch bands in support of the LGBTQ+ community each year; in 2022, the bands were woven and braided.

The company decorated these new products with multi-coloured oblong ovals (reminiscent of cupcake sprinkles) in the colours from the rainbow Pride flag: green, orange, yellow, red, blue, and purple. It also includes black and brown, for Black and Latin communities and those living with HIV/AIDS, and light blue, pink, and white for transgender and nonbinary people.

According to Apple, no two watch bands will have the same distribution of colours and shapes. It says this uniqueness is meant to “reflect the individuality of all members of the LGBTQ+ community.”

Apple made headlines last year for lobbying against anti-LGBTQ+ legislation in the United States. It also participates in San Francisco’s annual Pride parade and supports LGBTQ+ advocacy groups like the Equality Federation Institute.

The 2023 Pride sport band will be available for purchase from apple.com on May 23rd for $59. The associated watch face and wallpaper will be available from the Apple Store next week, so long as you’ve installed watchOS9.5 and/or iOS 16.5.

Image credit: Apple

Source: Apple