Bell drops $10/month credit on its 50, 100GB plans

Bell rolled out the discounts on April 29th

Bell has dropped a discount that was helping it offer some of the cheapest wireless plans among the leading providers in Canada.

The change applies to its $85/month 50GB plan and $105/month 100GB Canada/U.S. plan.

Bell rolled out the discounts on April 29th. Just days later, it increased the data allotment on all of its plans and dropped the cost of its Canada/U.S. plan to match a surprise change from Rogers. 

Along with the plan changes and discounts, Bell’s 25GB plan was available for $65/month, 50GB plan for $75/month, and 100GB Canada/U.S. plan for $95/month.

It’s also worth noting Bell also rolled out a $5/month credit on April 29th for its 15GB $65/month plan but removed it when it upped the plan’s data to 25GB on May 5th.

You can check out Bell’s current plan offerings on its website.